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The Steel Factory

Head Nut: Billy Steel.

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I like Writing, Reading, Revolution, meditation, swimming, walking & running, biking, drumming, going out, staying in, horseback riding, zoning out and thinking incredible thoughts, laughing, renewing,mobilizing to save civilization, leading a balanced life, lindy hop, being alone, writing retreats, seeing limousines, vandalism, staying true to myself, being outrageous, learning about people, peoplewatching, imagining, working out, researching things I'm interested in, eavesdropping, hiding, forgetting about the passage of time, self-discovery, making people laugh, rambles with dogs in the countryside, eating lunch out with people I like, feeling similar to Patti Smith, getting home, scoring well on tests, writing essays, staying in divine hotels, discovering new ways of thinking, waking up in a place you've never been before that you arrived at the previous night when everything was dark, exploring, drawing maps, cross-country skiing, riding camels, Floating in warm water (ooh, ooh, Freudian womb reference, I must have a mother complex), driving cars, doodling, Being in and singing in cathedrals, Seeing happy couples, R.A.K. (random acts of kindness), Not running away from one's self, Christmas caroling, coming into the warm out of the cold, and feeling like I'm in West Saugerties, NY 1968.

ThinkExist Dynamic daily quotation

adbusters, african art, and statues., art, atmospheric writing, awesome little kids, awesome quotes, banksy, bob marley, bread & puppet, carousel (musical), coffee, cool belts, cool button-pins, cool museums, easy-going people, elephants, english murder mysteries, feathers in caps, feeling and being healthy, foreign money, forests, funny people, george harrison's accent, great books, guys in 30s clothes, guys with earrings, highlighters, his voice, history, joe strummer, john lennon's accent, kindness, masquerades, meteor showers, mythology, non-clingy people, not punk boys, old bicycles, organized binders, pagan men, pirates, pop art, punk boys, puppets, quicksilver, reading, retro 50s art, rusted-out cars, sailboats, sea breezes, social justice, spectacular combinations of rain/sun/cloud, strange things, tea, the 1920s, the bay area, the world of dickens, tolerance, unexpected senses of humor, unpretentious people, unselfconscious people, van morrison's voice, writing